Using oil to enhance the skin tones in body shots .

Dismal weather again

For me, having to book my photo-shoots in advance, almost ensures bad weather.

Unpublished Portfolio

This is a collection of my pictures from the summer of 2015 plus some older unpublished favourites.

Chiara Elisabetta

The third photo-session this year was with Chiara Elisabetta who I had not had the good fortune to work with before.

Ella Rose

Photo-session with Ella Rose in less than idea weather.

Camera Building

How to build your own traditional medium and large format cameras in brass wood and other materials.


Creating some of my recent favourite pictures.

Latest Book.

This book is a record of the images made in the summer of 2014.


All sorts of things can provide picture ideas. This time is was the Moon.

Mini Set building

Exploring a Fantasy world in miniature with cardboard glue and plaster.

My latest Book

The book, I wrote and illustrated for Amherst Media in the USA, just been published.

First Photo shoot for 2014.

The first season’s shoot was planned to give as much variety to the results. They were needed to provide illustrations for this year’s photo-book.

Fun with Trees

Using trees and woods for your picture taking can be very rewarding when photographing the female nude.

Strange Props

Why not use some everyday objects as props and posing aids?


The joy of working with windows when working with natural light.

Making pictures

Altering your pictures using your computer to create different effects.


This is the first of my new blogs. It is an introduction to the type of pictures I take and the way I work